Optical fiber rotary joint

Fiber Optic Rotary Joint is also known as optic slipring, optical fiber rotary joint, optical hinge, etc. Its role is to solve the problem of optical signal transmission between relative rotating parts, that is, to ensure that optical signal transmission is not interrupted by rotation.

Compared with the traditional electrical connector, the optical fiber rotary connector has the following advantages:

1, the use of light for signal transmission, no electromagnetic leakage, confidentiality is good, anti electromagnetic interference.
2, no contact transmission, no wear, long life, up to 5 million rpm. No friction, it can be used in a flammable and explosive environment.
3. The transmission bandwidth is much larger than that of the electrical connector, and the bandwidth can be doubled if it is used in conjunction with the wavelength division multiplexer.
1, according to the working principle, it can be divided into active optical fiber connector and passive optical fiber connector. Active devices are large in size, poor in anti-interference capability and few in transmission channels.
2, according to the number of channels, it can be divided into single channel, dual channel and multi-channel. Multichannel fiber optic rotary connector can transmit signals in two directions because of its large capacity, but its volume and structure are relatively complex.
3. According to the different optical fibers used, it can be divided into single-mode optical fiber rotary connector and multi-mode optical fiber rotary connector.
4. Other classifications include optical fiber rotary connectors using spatial infrared technology and optical fiber rotary connectors using wavelength division multiplexing technology.
Application area:
Wind power generation, radar systems, ship systems, fire control systems, vehicle systems, photoelectric theodolites, helicopters, aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, satellites, spaceships, submarines, unmanned submarines, oil platforms, sonar detection equipment, hydrophones, medical CT, industrial robots, high altitude balloons, packaging equipment, perimeter viewing platforms, video Frequency monitoring system, material conveying system, remote mechanical remote control, industrial sensors and other high-speed video, digital, analog signal transmission and control.



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