Application of Slip Ring in Amusement Facilities

Time:2019-01-03 Source:Ingiant

In view of the special requirements of the entertainment equipment industry, the Ingiant large current slip ring has the following characteristics:

1. Inter-ring structure design into a special overhead, easy to maintain, benefit and heat dissipation.

2. Made of imported carbon brushes, with large carrying capacity and less dust, the current can reach 2000A per ring.

3. Stable and reliable operation, long service life, maintenance-free, no need for lubrication, to meet the performance requirements of linear platform vehicles.

4. Intelligent can be customized according to your needs. A recently developed platform car sliding ring has more flexible rotation mode, static brush and circular rotation.

5. It can rotate 360 degrees continuously to transmit more than 30 data signals such as Ethernet signals.

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