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Application Area

  • Marine marine

    FPSO floating storage and loading, LNG transmission
    Explosion proof electric slip ring
    Electrical slip ring for seafloor survey
    Design of high flow rotary joint
    Durable submarine joint
    Special 200Mpa joint

  • Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Helicopter rotor slip ring
    Radar high frequency slip ring
    Terrain measuring and controlling slip ring
    Transfer of ethanol from compact device
    High speed nitrogen transmission
    Rotating transmission of cooling system

  • Metallurgical steel

    Slip ring of ladle turret
    Multi channel joint of ladle turret
    Winding equipment joint
    Direct customization and replacement of original equipment

  • new energy

    More than 2000 use cases, wind power generation
    Solar energy applications, high temperature transmission
    Special design joint for nuclear energy

  • Military defense

    Rotation design under high vibration and high load
    High temperature joints under advanced manufacturing

  • Construction and agriculture

    Slip ring of rotary platform
    Mining machinery under harsh environment
    Turntable of construction machinery
    Large flow and multi-channel design

  • Automated manufacturing

    Rotary arm slip ring
    High pressure joint of robot arm
    Integral slip ring for material handling
    High speed connectors for production testing

  • Food and drink

    Bottle cap rotary slip ring
    Rotary perfusion equipment joint
    Food grade water bottle cleaning joint
    Pure water transmission joint

  • Semiconductor

    Compact design controls manipulator movement
    Polishing and polishing system for CMP wafer
    Cooling water system joint

  • Plastic and mold

    Multi channel injection molding equipment
    Blow molding equipment
    Rotary platform

  • Petroleum gas

    Large diameter sludge joint
    Multi channel joints, drilling equipment
    Hose couplings
    Large flow and large size joint

  • Medical

    Fully automated pneumatic clamp
    Centrifuge application
    Large through-hole CT machine

  • machine tool

    Main shaft slip ring system
    Transmission of spindle coolant and hydraulic oil
    50Mpa high pressure hydraulic transmission
    Application of high precision lathe

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